The artist and his work

Demetrius Donadoni was born in Milan on November 17, 1935. From an early age, he has always shown a great passion for the drawing made by his father, also a painter. He attended the liceo artistico, not completing his studies, but later he enrolled in the nude at the Academy of Brera and here starts really to draw and paint. Early work, excluding those youth, are dated 1963. Since then he has produced hundreds of paintings and drawings.

In 1971, on the occasion of his first solo show in Milan, Donadoni argued and wrote that the painting was first and foremost an act of love as poetry and music. His thought, expressed in a time when everything was a function of profit and success, it was considered rather rhetorical. Nonetheless, Donadoni still keeps stating that: “for me the painting has always been and always will be an act of joy, vitality, creation, strong emotion and then great, but great love. Perhaps, if there really is something eternal in man, I think that art is an integral part. ”

In fact, Donandoni reflects in all his works this way of understanding and feel art.




Numerous exhibits; These include an invitation to the Salon des Nations in Paris in 1982.


Some critics overview:


Elio Bertozzi

“It’s a lyrical twillight chromaticism in a context of images ranging from still lifes, landscapes and some great proposals of social issues, Donadoni was able to convey a relevant cultural background …”


Roman Flakes

“The exhibition of the painter must be listed in two separate productions: characterised by commitment to social and intimate-contemplative, a dream of moral purity that is opposed to the frequent human superficiality.”


Mario Monteverdi

“His painting predominantly complaint, however, know far more aspects of going soft on an implicit invitation to solidarity …”


Andrea Bisicchia

“A quality of Donadoni is the capacity building and composing.
The painter is present in all creation with its anxieties, fears, but especially with the joy of a result that does not please wait … “